Leadership-Inspired Coaching, Teaching, Consulting, Mentoring in the Heart of Vermont, USA

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How to Get The Business you Love: Holistic Business Development

Create the results and connection with your business that you’ve dreamed about, enjoyably and profitably. Holistic business development designed for Equine-Assisted/Guided/Facilitated professionals


How to Have a Happy Team: Leadership and Team Development

Grow a team with cohesiveness and trust, and they’ll accomplish anything they set out to do — and more! Customized 1, 2, or 3-day equine-guided workshops and retreats are perfect for boosting individual and group development.

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How to Come Closer to Yourself: Equine-Guided Somatics

Welcome to the felt connection and trust between the horse and you. Rediscover what is unbroken and break through to the True You with your sensate body. For individual personal development and deeper listening.