Get the Business You Love: For Equine-Guided/Assisted Professionals

December 31, 2016 7:00 pm - December 30, 2017 7:00 pm


Course Description


Welcome to ‘Get’ the Business You Love

for Equine-Assisted Professionals!

You’ve made the choice to get serious about learning how to create and sell your services while running an enjoyable, smooth operation day to day … and I’m serious about showing you the smartest paths to achieve that. So let’s work together to develop your sustainable, profitable business built on proven business strategies and attraction-based principles.

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I am Lucinda Newman, a certified Equine-Guided Educator and instructor, holistic business coach and successful Equine-Assisted business owner since 2005. I will guide you through this foundational and comprehensive business growth program so that you clarify, communicate and sell what makes your offer unique, valuable and powerful.

This course is for professionals who do not want to sound like everyone else, tired of creating ‘marketing’ that doesn’t strike the right cord, and frustrated by not generating enough enrollments with ease. If you are experiencing any of this, then you probably don’t have the foundation right.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been a practitioner for some time and you need to get some traction, and want your message to be received by the people you are meant to work with, then this program is perfect for you.

This system will work for you if any of the following are true:

  • You have training, experience and passion in the equine-assisted healing and teaching field
  • You have a site and horse(s) with which to work
  • You are ready to claim a sustainable, value added and income-growing business
  • You need clarity in your vision, strategy, goals and action steps
  • You are great at what you do but not so great at the “business and marketing stuff”
  • You prefer a more personalized, approach to being supported through your growth
  • You want to have more balance in life-work but don’t know how to create this
  • You are not creating the income you want
  • You have been feeling stuck or overwhelmed, not knowing what do do next
  • You are canceling workshops or programs due to low enrollment

What makes this different than typical business development classes or workshops is that for almost every step of the way there is balance and flow between personal and entrepreneurial masteries, so that you make sustainable breakthroughs to your next level of growth, and you are building consistent value and credibility in your business. Apply the strategies in this system to keep your client front and center – and you will love your clients and business, increase your income, and of course, the world will improve with your good work!

What this is not: Another 6-week program that gives you access to recordings that you never seem to get around to doing or implementing, devoid of personal feedback!  This is not a program that promises an immediate six-figure income. This IS a highly personalized, customized education and business building program that gets you results, income and answers based on your unique situation using learning, implementation and accountability using a step-by-step, structured approach.

With a workbook and coaching that work on a deeper level, this program replaces the guesswork and floundering with enjoyment, structure, deeper satisfaction and flow.

Imagine moving from feelings of drudgery, isolation, disorganization, frustration, lack, struggle, boredom, envy. . . . . . to flow, prosperity, abundance, fun, support, connection, contribution, creativity, organization . . . and on-track to your next level of growth and value!

How Do We Do This?

There are three keys that open the door to your Equine-Assisted business breakthrough and success that most small business resource centers, books or business classes do not offer:

1. Connection – you need someone who you can partner with, someone to provide accountability and support.  Someone who cares about you and is dedicated to your success.  Someone who will inspire you and help you to bring your business to a whole new level.  Someone who has seasoned experience in your field.

2. Inner Work – if you believe deep inside that you won’t be successful, the simple truth is that you will never build the thriving business that you want.  In order to be successful in business, it’s crucial to face your fears and blocks—and transform them.  When this happens, it becomes possible to accelerate your success.

3. Clarity – if you are unable to see clearly, you need to clarify your unique, authentic business vision and mission, then create a clear and reliable model and strategies to build the business you deeply desire. Most importantly, you need a method to ground this clarity through somatic, spiritual, visioning and priority practices.

What We Cover

With this program I will teach you holistic business foundation principles on a deeper level. The tools and guides can be used now and repeatedly as you move forward. Business success principles are divided into 3 learning areas:

1. Shift your practices and mindset of productivity and creativity: personal mastery

I begin by showing you that productivity and creativity walk hand-in-hand. The creative or ‘growth’ mindset is about making an impact, creating value, getting into the details and contributing to success of others. It’s still work, but of a different quality. You’ll be amazed at how you feel at the end of the day when you focus with this kind of mindset! And I show you how to easily put those to-do’s (that might seem overwhelming) in their place.

Then I share new practices that can be uniquely tailored to you to keep your mind clear, develop personal habits of grounding practices and uninterrupted work, chart out well defined goals, create more income and align your day’s activities with your larger goals.

I also help you to develop some systems to simplify your projects that support your larger goals, so you can achieve at a quicker pace and deeper space and go on to developing the next project. Learn to do more with less.

2. Crystalize your personal branding, audience, niche and expertise, and the solutions you provide

I start by helping you understand what’s truly unique about you and how to translate your existing life experiences, your strengths and passion into the perfect positioning for your business.

Then I help you understand how your unique life experiences match with your perfect clients, so you finally get clear on who you’ve been designed to serve and why YOU are the one to lead them.

Then I teach you the architecture of a perfect offer and walk you step-by-step through how to re-position your current products and services so that they become irresistible to your clients.

3. Communicate (emotionally connect!) marketing messages and irresistible enrollment systems

Then I’ll show you how to broadcast (market) your services in ways that are strategic – with less work and more results – so people see, hear and understand and see themselves in what you provide.

Plus I’ll give you the teaching and tools for remaining in your power and grounded when selling so you maintain your authenticity and presence.

And finally, I’ll give you the tools and techniques to create the systems so that your clients want to buy the same service repeatedly – or your next-level service.

So if your getting your message out there but people aren’t resonating and you don’t know why, this course is perfect for you.

What’s included in the delivery of this structured program:

 2 monthly private 1:1 coaching calls of 90 minutes each, held personally with me for 3 months (telephone or online meeting space).

 Six learning/building areas that include over 10 specialized worksheets and tools that cover personal mastery work through easy marketing and enrollment systems. You will receive a program package of these materials in workbook and CD formats. With all 6 areas, you will get a bottom line result that you will use in your business.

Three months of personalized review and feedback on your progress, to keep you on track and moving forward

Access to private Facebook group so you can join a connected community, ask questions that I will personally answer and share your business successes and challenges.

 Private access to best references, links and cheat sheets to save you time and effort. For example:

  • 7 types of web sites and what kind is right for your business
  • how to build a beautiful website and save over $1,000
  • how to ‘build a list’ blueprint
  • 5 questions to consider before collaborating
  • 5 ways to get consultations for marketing flow
  • what to name your complementary client enrollment session
  • what to name your business, how to choose its entity with your state, how to get your EIN
  • basic, easy system for transactions and accounting using Microsoft Excel
  • and more resources and recommendations sent directly and personally to you as your needs arise.

What you get with Get the Business You Love:

Each part of the 6-part program is presented in a way that is specific, concrete and actionable. By the end of the 3-month course, you will have your:

➢ Productivity Mastery – I give you an easy way to integrate the to-do list and calendar to most effectively manage choices that support your vision, goals, projects and balance between doing and being. You’ll know what you need to do every day when you get up in the morning, without distraction. Together, we also create your unique plan for somatic and spiritual practices, to ground your growth.

➢ Your Niche and Right Clients – Clarify the values and qualities of you and the people you have loved working with – either as colleagues, partners or clients – and realize that you are meant to work together. We’ll help you outline the who, what, how to develop your niche — and where to find more of them to populate your practice or business with strategy and ease.

➢ Personal Brand and Powerful Offer – You will get the specific and true-you language, values and purpose that create your personal brand that your clients are attracted to. After completing this part of your business development, you will better articulate and generate your valuable offer and this will let the people in your target market know that you have dedicated your life’s work to them. By developing your brand, you’ll also better know what strategies to use to reach them and how they can reach you.

➢ Business Model and Mission plus Pricing Protocol – Create a business model that makes you more money with less effort. Design the model that’s right for you because the one you choose and create will influence your day and lifestyle. The Business Model includes your financial objective, menu of services (or programs), ranging form low/no cost to mid range to higher end. You will learn how to set your rates and you will create a Pricing Protocol so that you make your offers with confidence and generosity. This is the foundation for creating your Signature System and Enrollment Funnel.

➢ Simple Marketing – Marketing is not simply advertising. Marketing does not generate sales! Marketing is building awareness about your services. If done well – and in the right order – it is a call to who you are meant to serve. By articulating each ‘spoke’ in your simple and accurate marketing ‘wheel’ you will design your unique strategy that fits you and your brand best.

➢Enrollment Cycle – Once prospective clients are aware of you and what you offer, you need a sales plan and conversion cycle that builds trust, and your credibility and authority so you can help them make a quick and easy decision. Turn prospects into curious onlookers, onlookers into listeners, listeners into clients and clients into advocates who then refer your next best client in the door. The level of enrollments are generally proportionate to the trust you build within each relationship and I will show you how to grow this with ease and semi-automation.

Be confident, ready and people will feel the energy and trust of YOU through your offer!


This program comes with my Honor System Money-Back Guarantee

Enroll in this program and experience it for yourself for 30 DAYS. If the program does not meet your expectations of value and investment, then let’s not waste your money or time! I’ll return every penny to you, less any associated credit card fees. No hassles and we will part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


Business Coach for Equine-Assisted professionals

My goal is to help you to take your Equine-Assisted/Guided/Facilitated business to the next level. What that level is, is really up to you, but if you’re serious about building an awesome, specialized business – not just an average one – then I can help you achieve this.

My coaching and mentoring approach is simple, structured and effective, and I can help anyone who is ready to learn and take action. There’s no guess work with what I do, it’s all based on my own training, education and experience with business and value growth.

But this is what mentoring is all about – learning from someone who has actually done what you want to do, and together, taking you where you want to go.

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I am deeply committed to Equine-Assisted professionals just like you who are building a business, living their purpose, and getting their good work into the world. My mission is to help you become clear, organized, energized and aligned while expanding  your impact, helping who you are meant to help and creating more value.

My larger mission: I believe we’ve been called – and the powerful work of horse-human healing, learning, language and connection needs to be brought into the world in a bigger way – but this can’t happen if you stay small. I help you uncover the true you so you get the results you want. I am profoundly engaged with helping you find the message that is hiding, your expertise that is downplayed and your creative potential that is dying to be set free.

I have extensive experience in business coaching, mentoring and consulting. I formed Horses & Pathfinders, LLC in 2005 by blending my knowledge, skills and training in Organizational Development, Holistic Business Coaching and Women’s Empowerment with my training, certification and expertise in Equine-Guided Education.  Probably just like you, I deeply experienced firsthand how much further I could go personally and professionally by employing Equine-Guided Education as a learning and growing approach.

In addition to operating Horses & Pathfinders Equine Guided Education, Leadership and Coaching, I also business coach at the Holistic School of Business, I teach Horses and Therapies at Vermont Technical College Equine Studies bachelor’s program, and I instruct Horse Sense for the Leader Within (EGE-1) class for SkyHorse Equine Guided Education.

While my advanced training, certification and instructor’s background is in ‘Equine Guided Education’ since 2005, I business coach all professionals under the rainbow of ‘Horse-as-Healer/Teacher’. This includes ‘Facilitated, Assisted, Guided – professionals, providers, facilitators, educators, and instructors’.

What people are saying about this course:

“Lucinda’s Business Mentorship Program helped me understand the difference between working ‘in’ my business and working ‘on’ my business and the importance of doing both. The problem I had was that I didn’t really know whom I was talking to (audience) and what I wanted to say (message). By the end of the Business Mentorship Program, it all became clear. My past attempts at all of this had been drudgery and beating my head against the wall. Lucinda’s program had such a natural flow, and when I settled into it and trusted the process, it wasn’t like work at all. I am grateful for Lucinda’s guidance as a coach and for the process she has developed. As a result, I have a new found confidence in my offers, and I’m excited about my “new” Equine Guided Education business!” Hallie Bigliardi, CA

“I am better prepared to put my business vision into action as a result of this program. The clarity with which concepts were presented, explored and developed impressed me most. Lucinda kept us accountable for our process and was skilled at picking up on issues we were bringing – even when we were not entirely aware of them ourselves. I highly recommend this program to colleagues who will be looking to develop their business. The support, guidance and practical support has been invaluable to my process.”  Elisabeth Crabtree, TX

“I now have new ideas and direction with which to grow my EGE work. I learned how to build my business and learned practices to help put my offer out into the world, identify my unique niche and how to market to that audience. As a result of this program I am networking, getting the phone calls, finding advocates and collaborating. I highly recommend this program.” Wendy Giggy, CA

“The elements of this program are readily translatable to other fields of work and realms of life, and have been very influential in my overall life. From the beginning Lucinda creates a safe and inviting space. I consistently felt supported and encouraged.” Leslie Reagan, VT

This program has been relevant to my business because I needed help focusing my energy and stepping up my program. Anyone who is having difficulty turning their passion into an offer would benefit.” Laura Hamilton, VT

“Topics covered in the Master Class sessions addressed any questions I have had about developing my business. Lucinda’s feedback, inquiries, and support apply directly to what I wish to accomplish through my own EGE workshops. . . utilizing these tools have helped me to look outside of the narrow applications I initially set for my business and expand my thinking of how I can grow my offerings . . . I was most impressed with the intimacy of the small group setting and the individualized attention for each of us.” Diane Westbrook, WA


Is this course for me?

This highly personalized program is a great fit for you if: 

  • You have the competency as an equine-assisted professional: training, certification, experience, knowledge
  • You have the passion for being an equine-assisted professional and love what you do: coaching, teaching, healing, facilitating, etc. by the side of the horse.
  • You want to get your good work into the world and help others
  • You want to be inspired into action, establish a plan and be held accountable to it with guidance and support
  • You are excited yet overwhelmed to build a new or more successful equine-assisted business
  • You feel stuck or overwhelmed but motivated to move forward
  • You feel small, unknown and unprofitable but know deep inside you have what it takes to step into your brilliance
  • You cancel workshops due to low enrollment
  • You feel confused, disorganized, or unproductive
  • You don’t feel credible as an expert and specialist
  • You need clarity in your vision, goals and action steps
  • You want to be empowered with entrepreneurial skills as a practice
  • You don’t like the marketing and ‘salesy’ part of operating your business
  • You need to clarify, communicate and sell your offer and personal brand more effectively
  • If your message is watered down and sounding like the rest
  • You prefer a highly personalized approach to you and your business growth applying a clear, reliable learning system of models and strategies for actionable results
  • You’d like to make more money doing the equine-assisted work that you love (go from $0 -$10K – $20K – $40K – $60K and more)
  • You can commit at least 5 hours per week working ON your equine-assisted business
  • You want to have more balanced life-work realms but don’t know how to create this
  • You crave to be mentored by an all-in-one certified, holistic business coach + certified, equine-guided professional and business owner with a proven track record for more than a decade.

This is not a great fit for:

  • If you believe you can succeed and DIY all on your own, without personalized and expert support
  • If you prefer to take a cookie cutter ‘business growth’ course
  • If you enjoy the black and white concepts and theories of small business development
  • You already generate the income you need and wish and/or you already generate over $100,000 with your equine-assisted business (awesome and congratulations!)
  • You are in the stage of just considering becoming an equine-assisted professional
  • If you already know what to do every day when you get out of bed to grow your E-A business value (awesome and congratulations!)
  • If you already know and love your clients, your business and income and feel satisfied with the level of getting your good work into the world (awesome and congratulations!)
  • If you enjoy guesswork and floundering when people ask you what you do




  • December 31, 2016 - December 30, 2017
    7:00 pm