finalcollageEquine Guided Education

Equine Guided Education (EGE) integrates equine activities, kinesthetic learning and cognitive insight in developing leadership, a healthy self image, as well as more meaningful connections to work and relationships. EGE can be found in a wide variety of human learning methods including life coaching, team development, holistic health practices, general education and goal-oriented programs. When partnering with horses powerful metaphors arise. We begin to honestly recognize our current way of being so then we can further develop what is needed to make new choices of action.

Equine Guided Education also offers a new look into finding harmony with horses that we may seek. When we understand the horse’s nature, its herd dynamics and energetic cues we can develop a more sensate approach with more curiosity and open mindedness. Understanding horse herd dynamics and the strong need to communicate and negotiate within the herd gives us a lot of information on how we can think like a horse and learn to have a real presence with the horse and others.

With Equine Guided Education we gain insight to horses . . . and to ourselves.

Why horses?

Horses naturally and honestly reflect and respond to the truth of who we are and our way of being in the world. Tuning into the subtle clues that we give, they read how we hold our bodies, extend our intentions, embody our presence, almost in about the time it takes a horse to blink. Horses demonstrate social instinct in how they respond, communicate and negotiate, guiding us to be connected, present, instinctive — calling us out to know ourselves (strengths, purpose, direction, etc.)  because ultimately that contributes to the safety of the whole.

Just being around a 1,000 pound animal – with a 360 degree range of vision, a 10 pound-plus beating heart and an almost palpable field from its nervous system – causes a real shift in our own bodies, an alert awareness and awakening, like a natural perturbation or opening that allows deep change and growth to take root rapidly and replace the old ruts. This is an optimal time for education and reorganization of self knowledge, guided by our equine partners and facilitated by a trusted coach, as all our senses and awareness are heightened.  The word ‘educate’ actually has its roots in the Latin word, ‘educo’, meaning ‘to develop from within; to educe; to draw out; to grow through the law of use’.

Barn_SignPathfinders Mission and Values

Guided by a focus on Equine Guided Education and our three main imperatives, we  strive to implement the initiatives required to achieve our vision: to be a successful and impassioned leader in the field of Equine Guided Education, an innovative provider of cost effective learning and development solutions and services, and to embody high standards of horse stewardship. We strive to become an admired enterprise in Vermont and within our industry by pursuing new growth opportunities while continually improving our social, ethical and environmental responsibility. Our purpose is to cultivate the best of leadership and empower individuals, groups, teams and businesses through the following imperatives:

Progressive Learning

The learning method, Equine Guided Education, takes into account that the learner is a social being with social consciousness. His or her instincts will help best develop, engage with and integrate their experiences. Whether through individual or organizational learning strategies, clients actively engage in their learning to develop their individual capacities or their cooperative community, to produce results they really care about. From a human resources standpoint, we take seriously the ideas that the best resources are people, skills can be taught, expertise is developed and competencies build over time.  We commit to assist people in finding ways to effectively and positively develop and extend their unique leadership abilities, presence and offer.

Community Offers

To build value in our community we share our unique and natural setting with those who have a common interest, fascination and even passion for what leadership presence can hold. While providing a dynamic, caring and challenging environment we bring people together and create exceptional opportunities for building self and community and engaging the self, horses and each other in a whole new way. Because we experience it here every day, we believe in the magic of unleashing creativity, innovation and connection – together.  We commit to sharing our horses for people to experience a deeply felt sense of connection, leadership and purpose.

Self Development

Learning and leading at Horses & Pathfinders focuses on self-responsible social, emotional, cognitive, physical and even spiritual development. We are here to help people keep growing, learning, expanding horizons and adapting to change. To achieve this, the horses guide us to our own self-knowledge, declarations, action steps, new practices and self-reflections. Whether it is to improve personal relationships, bridge the gap of a career change or master effective horsemanship, we find that balance, grounding, centering, authentically connecting and direction-setting are the staples of self development using Equine Guided Education.  We commit to partner with the horse and herd with deep honor and respect, in service to human self development.